Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thing 9 & 10-Search Tools

I feel like I'm an onion - peeling back a new layer of learning something new about this blogging stuff every time I do something. Thank you Mary - this was a great idea.

I used Google Blog search and was amazed at how much is out there. I noticed people are using blogs for employment and posting their resumes.

The most interesting part of the search was to find blogs/articles about tuition and collection issues. Being in the business office, I'm trying to "find out how other colleges are doing it" and now I have a great tool to use. I can research outside payment plan companies, see other challenges being faced by colleges and their tuition collection efforts. I even saw a couple of notices that schools were putting out as warning to students about balances and payment timelines. This could be a most useful resource to communicate payment deadlines to the Marymount students.


McMillan said...

I am glad to know that you are enjoying the learning process. I am of the mind that when it comes to technology, the best way to learn is by doing. Plus, many times using these online tools are much easier than one might initially think. We just have to break through our tech fears.

Isn't it amazing how much useful information other people are sharing online. There is no reason to "reinvent the wheel" when other professionals are willing to offer their knowledge, best practices and willingness to collaborate.

mwong said...

This is one of the greatest aspects of the web - it is so easy to surf around and see what other schools are doing. And then the blogs add a discussion element where I can see what people think about different ideas, get the pro/con arguments, and so on. I love it!

jcarbone said...

Eileen, which sites have you been looking at?