Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thing 9 & 10-Search Tools

I feel like I'm an onion - peeling back a new layer of learning something new about this blogging stuff every time I do something. Thank you Mary - this was a great idea.

I used Google Blog search and was amazed at how much is out there. I noticed people are using blogs for employment and posting their resumes.

The most interesting part of the search was to find blogs/articles about tuition and collection issues. Being in the business office, I'm trying to "find out how other colleges are doing it" and now I have a great tool to use. I can research outside payment plan companies, see other challenges being faced by colleges and their tuition collection efforts. I even saw a couple of notices that schools were putting out as warning to students about balances and payment timelines. This could be a most useful resource to communicate payment deadlines to the Marymount students.

Thing 8-RSS

Wow - who knew what RSS was - not me! How interesting and what a time saver this could be for those that search blogs frequently. I set up an account with "Google Reader" and added some interesting blogs. Then never heard anything - I figured I had done something wrong because I was not getting daily email updates to the blogs I had chosen. I thought they would come through my email. I went in tonight to re-do, and there were my lists of the blogs I was interested in. I had set my account up properly, but just wasn't accessing it properly - you actually go the the site and see the list of blogs you're interested in. Which in hindsight is probably much better because if I was getting an email notice every time a blog was updated, I would be doing alot of blogging and reading and not much else.

An interesting blog I liked was one for a word a day - word of the day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

roseburg oregon

roseburg oregon
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This picture is from Roseburg, Oregon on the Umpqua River. My in-laws are lucky enough to live right on this river. Actually this picture looks very similar to their backyard. And we as a family are lucky enough to go visit them and relax - totally. I hope this picture brings you a moment of peace as it does me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Okay, it's been some time since I've "explored" the internet (goofed around) and now I've been introduced to Flickr. What a crazy, interesting, unbelievable site. People have some beautiful photos out there to share with others. And then others have personal pictures, just out there, for anyone to see. How crazy is that? People say we are becoming a world all too caught up with ourselves, but then you have this Flickr site where people are, in a way, trying so hard to reach out to others that they are posting personal photos. Wow - how far the internet has come - and where will it be taking us??

PS - also this Flickr site it a major time stealer. So many things to look at, play with. . .

7 1/2 Habits

Well my biggest struggle with the 7 1/2 Habits is time. It's now the start of the 4th week and I'm just starting this process. I have work, family, etc., etc. - things that take time and now have added this 1st phase of lifelong learning. I never think of myself as a "learner", but I think this will be good for me - something just for me for no other reason except that I didn't know anything about blogging and now I will.

First Ever Blog

Well this is it - my first ever "blog". Never thought I'd being doing this. What else is in store for me now??